Eric Meleney, L.Ac.

Throughout his 20 years of experience working in the healing arts, Eric Meleney has fine-tuned his healing practice to help people with chronic “dis-ease” reach their full potential in wellness. As their ailments melt away and they feel better, the patients experience a corresponding increase in energy, vitality, fulfillment and a renewed ability to engage in life.
Eric implements a multi-dimensional blend of diagnosing patients analytically and intuitively. Analytically through his extensive knowledge of acupuncture, Chinese and western medicine. Intuitively through skills inherited from a shamanistic ancestral lineage that were strengthened through training under a powerful Hawaiian Kahuna. These skills have been refined with twenty years of experience treating patients on all levels of their being: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.
Eric has been practicing acupuncture in Boulder for over 13 years and is a loved member of the community.